Why CSS Still Matters

Stephanie A. Higa
Senior Software Engineer @ Box
WomenTech Global Conference 2020

What is CSS?

But what is CSS, really?

If you think of a building…

Who should care about CSS?

Recognize these sites?

CSS is the language that makes the web recognizable and beautiful

CSS is generally not well-understood

A brief overview of CSS fundamentals

Everything is a box

Also known as the box model




Element content (image, text, input field, etc.)

CSS defines rules based on selectors

Classes are the ideal selector

Styling a paragraph

Biscuit chocolate cake bonbon lemon drops bonbon apple pie liquorice tootsie roll. Marzipan ice cream ice cream tiramisu jelly beans lemon drops biscuit. Croissant chocolate bar jelly-o gummi bears croissant soufflé fruitcake icing.

.example-paragraph { }

CSS is like a graphics program in code

Creating a circle in CSS

Creating a triangle in CSS

Creating a cylinder

CSS animations

A border animation

Learn more about CSS

Thank you!

Stephanie A. Higa